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People always want to know why they call me “LOUDD”, Loudd is an adjective, adverb, and an intensifier. I am capable of producing much noise with a great deal of volume, in a loud and strong manner, to get results. I am a voice for my community. I am LOUDD.

-Ty “Loudd” Edwards


Tyra “Loudd” Edwards has lived in Gainesville Florida for 20 yrs. Tyra raised 2 children in a single family home, and has lived in disenfranchised communities. She knows that the ladder to climb out of poverty has steps missing, and that we need a voice that understands the needs and concerns of the people. Tyra also known as “Ty Loudd” has a proven track record of actively engaging with the community.

Tyra has been involved in being a prominent voice for the Eastside Gainesville Community. Her cultural background and focus on community has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. Tyra has been able to relate and connect with Millenials, who are starting to recognize that they might not follow the paths of those who have gone before them, but they refuse to remain voiceless. She understands that change is inevitable, but also recognizes that change in Gainesville is occurring, and without the residents of the eastside. She is running to be a voice for the vulnerable, excluded and marginalized. Tyra believes that in order to help bridge the gap and improve the quality of life, we must make this city more inclusive and engage all citizens and neighborhoods of Gainesville.