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for Economic Sustainability

Our city must encourage and promote District 1 local entrepreneurship; concentrate on emerging and existing small and minority businesses.  In order to achieve this, we must support local growth, vocational programs, and identify new resources that can help provide quality jobs that lead to economic sustainability for our District 1 neighborhoods.  Let’s give residents a reason to take pride in their community.


for Affordable Housing

I will work with the City Commission to develop a plan for affordable housing units for individuals and families who are low- income. To be successful, we need to DEFINE affordable, and start a conversation based on the needs of the area. Housing should be equitable – and gentrification should be acknowledged and not repeated. We have a homeless problem in Gainesville, and it isn’t always visible on the streets.  Too many families live paycheck to paycheck on the verge of homelessness everyday.  We must safeguard our most vulnerable families.


For All

We need to take more steps to strengthen ties between the police and the community.  Due to the problem of income inequality in our city, it is important to focus on healing and community restoration rather than punishment.  We cannot “arrest” our problems away.  In order to change the narrative, we must build a foundation of trust with our local law enforcement where previously none existed.